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hydraulic driving system of Hydraulic hose crimping machine


hydraulic driving system of Hydraulic hose crimping machine  

Drive system hydraulic hose crimping machine main pump direct drive and the pump accumulator drive two types. Pump direct drive the drive system
The system provides high pressure liquid pump to the hydraulic cylinder, valve to change the direction of the fluid, the overflow valve is used to adjust the system pressure at the same time limit, safety relief effect. This drive system has the advantages of simple structure, fewer links, the pressure can be automatically increase or decrease the work force, reduce power consumption, but shall be determined by the maximum working stress hydraulic hose crimping machine and the highest working speed and capacity to determine the pump drive motor. This type of drive system for small and medium hydraulic hose crimping machine, a large and useful pump direct drive (such as 120000 KN) free forging hydraulic press.
Pump accumulator drive in this drive system has one or a group of accumulator. When the high pressure working fluid pump supply cushion, an energy storage device storage; and when the supply is insufficient to the needs, the device supplies in storage. Using this system can according to the average amount of high pressure working fluid selection of pump and motor capacity, but because of the pressure of working fluid is constant, large energy consumption, and the system of the multi link, more complex structure. This kind of drive system for large hydraulic hose crimping machine, or by a set of drive system for hydraulic hose crimping machine.