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Characteristics of multi function hydraulic hose crimping machine

Characteristics of multi function hydraulic hose crimping machine
1, hydraulic hose crimping machine using the advantage of oil pump, locking 220V voltage using flow for F306 pump, hose crimping machine using 380V flow of F310 oil pump, oil pump displacement 10ml/r, pump rated pressure 20MPa.
2, the use of high-quality motor, Hengshui Mengniu motor, is the national high quality motor, good quality, excellent performance.
3, the module uses the CR 12, die steel, durable, than other manufacturers choose to use 45 steel prices 3 times higher.
4, electrical system adopts CHINT or Delixi, in part by the European standard CE certification.
5, product chassis using electrostatic spray technology, beautiful appearance, good hand feeling, high brightness, wear resistance, not easy to drop lacquer.
6, the electromagnetic directional valve by Yuci Fangsheng and Ji'nan exceeded production, type: DSG-03-3C60-240A, pass through the 10m/n for, ensure flow.
7, random with ten sets of mould, can be convenient for customers to use; customers have special requirements, can be customized.
8, hydraulic hose crimping machine by regulating the amount of compression scale, high accuracy, convenient adjustment, when the scale shrinkage to scale the regulated value, automatic stop withholding.
9, the mould adopts double inclined taper, increase the degree of maximum buckle buckle pressure, pressure of 407 tons.
10,Seal with hydraulic hose crimping machine the internal assembly, all imported seal ring, its effect and durable time greatly improve. Withheld by manual button and the foot pedal operation, the realization of the hands and feet dual-purpose, work more harmonious, more convenient.
11,The technical characteristics of 51B type hydraulic hose crimping machine